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Aroma - Earthy notes with a touch of Mint
Flavour - Caramel and toasted bread
Bitterness - 40/100 IBU's

Living up to the reputation of Calicut as the foodie capital of the state, The Raviz Calicut brings an eclectic range of dining experiences for you. Our offering blends into the city’s culture with a traditional palate in a contemporary setting. Be it the Raviz Café, Keraleeyam or Pergola, we have attempted to present a new experience while retaining the flavors and fragrances of the original cuisines..

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Adaminde Chaya Kada

Aroma - Mix of toffee and spices
Flavour - Caramel and fruitiness with a slight white pepper finish
Bitterness - 38/100 IBU's

Come visit "Adaminte Chaya Kada" to rediscover 10 different exotic flavours of tea which have been long gone from our kitchen. Some of our personal favourites are " Baramy Kava", "Mangala Chaaya". "Pulinaaranga Chaaya" and "Dubai Chaaya". Come tell us which is yours!

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Arabic Restaurant

Aroma - Toasted bread and spices
Flavour - Plum with roasted coffee and hints of chocolate.
Bitterness - 31/100 IBU's

Midnight Porter is a full bodied creamy dark beer. The recipe for this Midnight Porter dates back to 1836 and was discovered by a friend of mine while digging through some old archives in Edinburgh.

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